Other Services

Medicating Your Cat:

Jackie is a qualified Veterinary Assistant and can come to your Dublin home to medicate your cat if you can’t be there, or even if you just can’t do it! She has experience with diabetic cats, asthmatic cats and cats with wounds, sore eyes/ears etc.

Catifying Your Home:

We can offer advice on how to make your home a happier place for your cat to live. If you want to create a secure outdoor space for your indoor cat, we have personal experience of catifying both houses and apartments.

Bringing A New Cat Home:

Bringing a new cat home can be stressful not only for you but also for the new arrival, particularly if you already have a cat. How would you like to come home to find a stranger sitting at your table, eating from your bowl?! This is how it can feel to the resident furbaby when a new cat comes into the home. The first few days in their new home is crucial, whether they are an only cat or you are adding to your fur family.  We can advise you on how to make their integration as stress-free as possible.

Contact us with any questions you might have about the above services and we will be happy to discuss them with you.